VeganMoFo 2019: Something New (Actually Something Old)

I went vegan in October 2009 and kicked off my big lifestyle change here on this bloggo by participating in VeganMoFo — the Vegan Month of Food. Since then, I’ve participated in every. single. MoFo. by posting every. single. day.

That’s 10 years of MoFos. That’s a lot of MoFo. That’s a lot of vegan food.

But truthfully, I haven’t enjoyed MoFo that much during the past few years. Instead of feeling like a joy, a chance to rekindle my old love of blogging and enthusing about vegan food, it’s felt more like a chore, something to tolerate rather than embrace. But I hate breaking a streak, so I slogged through. I found ways to make it easier and more manageable and often, yes, enjoyable. But when I saw that VeganMoFo this year was scheduled to begin in August, I felt… dread. Not excitement, but apprehension. Bad news.

Me when I thought about VeganMoFo 2019.

Because summer is sacred to me. I run cold, so the rest of the year I spend waiting for those 90˚ degree day when I lounge outside and not shiver. (Extremely air conditioned office spaces fill me with a near-murderous rage.) I want to read lots of books and daydream about traveling and go to the pool and putter in my garden and watch my pups frolic. I do not, repeat do not, want to obsess over putting up blog posts and photographing food perfectly and following prompts.

So I started making peace with the idea of not participating in MoFo. You had a good run, I told myself. 10 years! That’s a whole lotta posting!

But. Then I had a thought.

What has become Not Fun about blogging to me lately is the pressure to produce Content That People Want. Posts I can pin on Instagram. Posts with (moderately) well-composed photos and lots of SEO terms thrown in. It’s not that I want my blog to become a business, but I’ve always thought, why not monetize it and make a little bit of money off something I’m doing for fun?

But it’s not really fun anymore, and I have a very sparse posting schedule to show for it (outside of MoFo, of course). I genuinely enjoy writing what I do write, but you know what I miss? The old days of blogging. The 2009 era, when I talked a little bit about my day and a little bit about what I ate. Diary-style, casual conversation. Back then, I followed a bunch of bloggers and we commented on each other’s posts on a near-daily basis. It was a fun little community. I could’ve told you their dogs’ names and where they lived; their favorite Isa Chandra cookbook and probably their PPK username (I lurked and rarely posted, but I followed along!).

I frequently reminisce about how much I miss those old days of blogging. I love reading through my old blog posts because they remind me of my life back in 2009, 2010, 2011. There are details I’d lose if I hadn’t written them down, like how unnecessary/fun/ridiculous it was to take my own photos for Christmas cards multiple years in a row. (I can be very extra.) Like how stressful my previous job could be. Like the joy in trying a new vegan product back in the days before every single company out there was producing plant-based items.  (I ate Rice Dream ice cream, for god’s sake!) Don’t get me wrong; I love the ubiquity of vegan products these days! It just used to be more exciting when new ones hit the shelves. I miss that casual approach to blogging.

You can probably see where this is heading.

Said garden, earlier in the year. It is now fully wild and unruly.

For VeganMoFo 2019, I’m going back to basics, baby. Back to simple, diary-style, here’s-what-I-did-and-ate posts. It’s gonna be a big middle finger to monetizing and SEO and page rankings, but ohhhh well. It’s gonna be fun. There will probably be lots of photos of my garden, and my dogs, and my favorite summertime beers. But there will also be original recipes and reviews, because I do enjoy creating those… only not when I’m forced to do so!

(And if you’re not into old-school blogging and prefer recipes without personality and content that serves a single, utilitarian purpose, I get it. I hear those Twitter hot takes:  “But why do food blogs have three paragraphs of personal details before you get to the actual recipe?! Just give me the recipe; I’m trying to make dinner, not read your autobiography!” My default response is something about SEO and needing to include searchable terms so you can actually FIND that recipe in the first place. But. What about including personal information and a little bit about your day just because… it’s nice and interesting and fun to read about other people’s lives? And maybe you just want to share? What’s so wrong with that?)

So, that’s what to expect. I’m actually excited about VeganMoFo this year. And I haven’t been able to say that in a while. So here’s to 2019, and a more casual, relaxed, old-school blog.


11 thoughts on “VeganMoFo 2019: Something New (Actually Something Old)

  1. Yes to everything you said. let’s go back to those pre-commercialized days. I’m looking forward to your diary styled post and whatever simple recipes you want to throw in. perhaps even recycle some of the oldies? now get some pool and book time in and please give your pups a pet for me.


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  3. I just read your day one entry this morning and I’m glad you decided to go back to the old style of blogging. I wish others would think about it also. I love reading about what’s going on in your world with some vegan food or thoughts thrown in. Good for you! I look forward to following you.

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  4. Most of your post arrived while cruising the Caribbean so they have been read in non-sequential order. I love what I have read so far and doing what makes you feel good is coming through laud and clear.


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