First, I must thank you for your kind, thoughtful comments on my last post. Your wise words have helped strengthen my resolve to remember that I can’t [and often don’t need to] do everything, and that carving out “me time” doesn’t mean I’m a failure in other aspects of my life – in fact, it’s rather necessary so I can have the reserves to accomplish what I need to accomplish. So – thank you again!

In honor of my newfound resolution to take a may-juh chill pill when things start stressing me out, I let today be my day of rest. I took a bath. I read a book. I cooked because I felt inspired and compelled to cook, not because I wanted to post about it. I’ll share that with you tomorrow, but first let me show you one other low-key way I indulged myself today:

Melty, minty goodness.

I fixed myself a little ice cream sundae tonight, something I haven’t eaten in who knows how long. I had some vanilla Rice Dream leftover from that off-the-wall crazy Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake, so I took a page out of Keri’s book and added some crushed up candy canes. Then I made my own hot fudge sauce by melting chocolate chips and a couple of dark chocolate squares in heated almond milk. I added peppermint extract to the sauce, but it ended up getting overtaken by the chocolate. That’s okay, though, because I have lots of leftover hot fudge, and I think I prefer plain ol’ chocolate sauce to minty-chocolate sauce.


What did you do to relax or to indulge yourself today?


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