Real-Time Blogging, AKA a Super Cop-Out Post

Orange rectangular banner that says "Vegan MoFo" and "Vegan Month of Food 2011."

MoFos, I am BEAT. Work has been crazy this week thanks to a big customer issue that popped up last Friday, so I’ve been in full-swing project management mode since then. Dudes… I’m a writer. Project management ain’t my thang. Plus, I’m leaving for Italy on Saturday morning, which means I’ve been hard at work prepping MoFo posts for the week I’ll be away… and, um, packing. Plus, my boyfriend AND my roommate are both out of town, making me one sad panda. The only benefit to their absence is that I don’t feel guilty spending the entire night in the kitchen workin’ on MoFo stuff!

But I’m not telling you all that just to complain (although that’s about 42% of the reason). Mostly, it’s to introduce my first-ever Real-Time Blogging event. What does that mean? Well, as I type this post and tell you about the following meal… I AM STILL EATING THAT VERY MEAL. I know. Take a minute to steady yourself. Crazy, right? So… what am I shoving into my greedy trap at this very second?!

Close-up of a bowl of fried rice with baby bok choy, zucchini, onions, cashews, and scallions.


Lazy girl’s not-so-fried rice, that’s what. Basically, I had a ton of leftover veggies (zucchini, onions, baby bok choy, scallions) and rice in my fridge, so I put it all in a pan, sauteed it up, added some seasoning, and am calling it dinner. Blammo. I even added cashews for that gourmet touch. You’ll have to forgive the crappy lighting and lackluster composition of that photo, though – real-time blogging ain’t pretty, yo.

Now if you’ll excuse me, this sad panda needs to stop typing and start stuffing her face – using a fork, not those chopsticks, because this sad panda sucks at using chopsticks. Truth.

What’s your pre-vacation fridge-emptying technique? What do you make when you have lots of odds & ends in your crisper?


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