Reader Request: Food Processor Advice & Suggestions!

I derive satisfaction from the things I don’t have. More specifically, I like finding ways around my non-ownership of various small appliances – I enjoy thinking up alternate methods of accomplishing whatever said small appliance is meant to do. And, fine, I also enjoy feeling proud of myself for owning fewer things. My thought process when trying to MacGyver my way around the kitchen usually goes something like this:

Microwave? Pah! I can reheat everything in the oven. Double boiler? Pshaw! I can melt chocolate just fine by putting it in a small metal bowl and then floating that in a small pan of boiling water. Food processor? As if! My blender works just… fine… oh… nope… it’s cool if a creamy sauce is actually chunky, right?

…yeahhh. That one was definitely more of a MacGruber situation. So, after one too many failed attempts to use my blender as a food processor, I’m biting the proverbial bullet and buying one. It’ll be an early birthday present to myself – what else could a nearly-25-year-old possibly want for her quarter-century celebration?!

But here’s the thing. I don’t know which one to buy! So I need your help, you wonderful, knowledgeable kitchen goddesses and gods. Tell me what food processor you use and if you’d recommend it! Alternatively, tell me which processor you covet. I don’t mind spending a decent chunk o’ change, because this’ll be an investment with many delicious, delicious returns.

Thanks for your help! To demonstrate my gratitude, here’s a picture of Moria covered in Star Wars Legos:

Oh hey, I'm just sleepin' with the Falcon on top of me...


7 thoughts on “Reader Request: Food Processor Advice & Suggestions!

  1. I’ve had a 7-cup Cuisinart food processor for about 5 years. I’m pretty happy with it, and I got it at Macy’s on sale for about $70. It is just about the perfect size – not too big, and not too small. My only quibble is that sometimes ingredients get stuck under the blade and don’t mix as well as I’d like, but other than that, I’m very satisfied. It comes with an S-blade, a shredder blade and a slicer blade. It’s pretty easy to clean, too.


  2. I have an 11-cup Cuisinart food processor. I use it almost every day and it is probably the one kitchen appliance I couldn’t live without (you know, if I was forced by some evil being to give up all but one kitchen appliance). It makes amazing hummus, nut butters, sauces, soups, doughs (comes with a special dough blade), veggie burger mixes, shredded, chopped, and sliced veggies and fruits, etc.

    Cuisinart is the brand to buy when it comes to food processors. I worked in a kitchen/home store for several years and was exposed to customer feedback as well as demos from both Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid. I have used a KA food processor and didn’t like it nearly as much (they make the best stand mixer though!).

    So excited for you!


    • I have a Cuisinart that I bought on Amazon at least 5 years ago for $79. I call it a kitchen workhorse because I use it frequently and it is is very dependable. Will buy the same thing again when I need it, For lunch today I used the slicing blade and made a cabbage/red onion slaw like you get at Mexican restaurants with tortiilla chips. Yum Yum


      • Oops – accidentally responded to your comment with one meant for someone else! Anyway – Cuisinart has three thumbs up so far, hehe. Sounds like I’ll be going for one of those. Thanks, Auntie Jae!


    • Haha! I often think of ridiculous hypothetical situations such as that one… :)

      Thanks for your expert advice! It definitely sounds like Cuisinart is the way to go. And yeah… my parents have a KA stand mixer and it’s great.


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