Vegan Treats for Furry Friends | VeganMoFo 2017 Day Twenty-Five

VeganMoFo 2017

Week Four: Entertaining
Cook for your best friend. Tell us about your best friend and their favourite dish, and make them a vegan version of it.

My best friend is a grey-furred, four-legged little beast with an under-bite and an uncanny ability to throw some serious side-eye shade.


Oh. A human best friend, you say? How boring. My best two-legged friend is Steven, but I cook for that dude just about every day! (He does all the clean-up; it’s a mostly fair trade.) He’s also a plant-eater like me, so all his favorite dishes are already vegan. That’s why I’m going to show you what we feed our best furry friends instead! It’s also the perfect chance to introduce our new dog: Rosie!

RosieWe adopted Rosie from a local rescue this weekend. We don’t know too much about her past; she was brought to Maryland from a high-kill shelter in the south and was with the rescue for about three months without getting much interest from potential adopters. Dummies! She is the sweetest. This lady is probably 5-7 years old, and she has the best ugly-cute face. Her left eye is smaller than the right, probably due to a genetic deformity. She has the serious case of snaggleteeth, and she occasionally limps (luxating patella?). Since we just love broken dogs nobody else wants, she was the perfect fit.

She’s been with us for three days and has settled in beautifully. Her former foster family said she didn’t really like sleeping in bed with them, but guess who spent both the past two nights snuggling us? Yep, this girl.

She and Moria seem to be mostly ignoring one another, which doesn’t surprise me — Moria and Luna had a similar arrangement. Honestly, I don’t think Moria particularly likes having a second dog around, but we make sure to share the love (and the treats) equally.

Which brings me to the prompt! If Moria could talk, she’d probably say that her favorite food is “everything,” followed by “treats.” The good news for Moria? There are tons of vegan doggie treats out there! Moria particularly enjoys Whimzees, a brand of chews, breath bones, and other delicacies derived from plant sources. They’re the perfect substitute for those nasty animal-based chews you’ll find at pet stores. They even make one that looks like a pig’s ear…. which is both disturbing and probably unnecessary. Pretty sure Moria doesn’t care what her treats look like, as long as they taste good! And apparently Whimzees do.

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Reader Request: Food Processor Advice & Suggestions!

I derive satisfaction from the things I don’t have. More specifically, I like finding ways around my non-ownership of various small appliances – I enjoy thinking up alternate methods of accomplishing whatever said small appliance is meant to do. And, fine, I also enjoy feeling proud of myself for owning fewer things. My thought process when trying to MacGyver my way around the kitchen usually goes something like this:

Microwave? Pah! I can reheat everything in the oven. Double boiler? Pshaw! I can melt chocolate just fine by putting it in a small metal bowl and then floating that in a small pan of boiling water. Food processor? As if! My blender works just… fine… oh… nope… it’s cool if a creamy sauce is actually chunky, right?

…yeahhh. That one was definitely more of a MacGruber situation. So, after one too many failed attempts to use my blender as a food processor, I’m biting the proverbial bullet and buying one. It’ll be an early birthday present to myself – what else could a nearly-25-year-old possibly want for her quarter-century celebration?!

But here’s the thing. I don’t know which one to buy! So I need your help, you wonderful, knowledgeable kitchen goddesses and gods. Tell me what food processor you use and if you’d recommend it! Alternatively, tell me which processor you covet. I don’t mind spending a decent chunk o’ change, because this’ll be an investment with many delicious, delicious returns.

Thanks for your help! To demonstrate my gratitude, here’s a picture of Moria covered in Star Wars Legos:

Oh hey, I'm just sleepin' with the Falcon on top of me...

Moria of Mine

There’s a new lady in my life. She’s a little bit smelly and she occasionally poops on the floor and she has a beard. Meet Moria, my sweet new doggie:

Moria & me!

I adopted Moria just over a week ago. She’s a year and a half old, so she’s mostly house trained, but she’s still got a fair amount of that puppy playfulness that’s so fun. She’s predominantly Brussels Griffon, although she’s listed as a mix on her adoption papers. But that adorable beard and those big, expressive eyes are pure Brussels Griffon!

I’ve been intending to adopt a pup for a couple of months now. My frequent visits to the local Humane Society proved fruitless, but when I saw this sweet girl bashfully staring at me when I stopped by an adoption clinic at PetSmart, I was instantly taken with her calm demeanor and charmingly silly appearance. I think she looks like an Ewok; others say she’s more akin to a Wookiee. Whatever Star Warsian species she resembles, she’s just plain cute… especially when she’s panting:


If you’re wondering why I named her after something from Middle Earth and not the Star Wars universe, well, female Ewok names are awful! And she’s a bit like a Dwarf, what with the beard and all, so I thought Moria was pretty fitting. The jury’s still out on her middle name, however, so feel free to share suggestions!

Post-walk tiredness.

Expect to see more of my girl’s bearded face in upcoming posts, and check back soon for a giveaway!