Debate Distraction: Cookie Bites

Orange rectangle with the white fist-shaped Vegan MoFo logo and the text "Vegan Month of Food 2012."

Confession: I have a difficult time watching the presidential debates. The contention and discord make me a little anxious; I have to distract myself and focus some of my attention elsewhere. And how better to distract myself than by baking? During the three presidential and one vice-presidential debates over the last month or so, I’ve baked up lots and lots of delicious sweet treats. Last night, I finally made a recipe that I’ve been drooling over since it showed up on my feed: cookie bites. Chewy, slightly underbaked pillows of chocolate-chip studded cookie goodness? Count me in. I couldn’t find any adorable autumn sprinkles like those used in the original recipe, but S picked up some Halloween-themed sprinkles for me last week, and they were just as good.

Shot of the front of a rectangular platter with round cookie bite balls surrounded by sprinkles shaped like ghosts, pumpkins, and bats.

Doughy bites!

My quick photo doesn’t quite do these treats justice, but you get the idea. The recipe allegedly yields twelve bits, but I must’ve made mine a bit bigger because I only got ten. No matter! They were still perfectly yummy. I used whole-wheat pastry flour instead of the straight whole-wheat flour called for, and I worried that S would find them grainy. Nope! I heard many sounds of gastronomical enjoyment as he munched his way through a few bites. Success!

What recipe have you been meaning to make for a while?


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