Purple Fried Rice

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Happy Monday! Happy indeed – I’ve had no ill effects from my sleepless Saturday night (to be fair, I slept for about three hours after posting). I took Sunday easy – as all Sundays should be taken – and as such don’t have much to say about it, food-wise. So how about a little throwback? All the way back to… last week. Heh.

Plate of purplish-pink fried rice with cabbage, broccoli, and cilantro on the side.

Colorful rice.

Before I started dating S, I’d never cooked rice in a rice cooker – I always used the stovetop. Now that we live together and have his rice cooker, we almost always use it make big batches of rice. The leftovers are perfect in not-so-fried rice. S whipped up this batch, which turned a pleasing purply-pink thanks to the addition of some thinly sliced cabbage. He also included onions, garlic, broccoli, and tofu. Simple, tasty, and oh-so-pretty!

What’s your favorite way to use leftover cooked rice?


2 thoughts on “Purple Fried Rice

  1. Leftover rice is one of my favorite breakfast foods. I add vanilla flavored almond milk and raisins, heat it up, and drizzle maple syrup or a heaping spoon of brown sugar on top:) It’s like dessert for breakfast!


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