Sunday Sundae: Banana-Raspberry Soft Serve

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Yesterday was a cold, rainy, grey day. I spent most of it curled up on the couch, either with a book or my iPad, and always with my pup. My hair was an absolute terror, I never changed out of my flannel pajama pants, and I had zero intention of leaving (except when I took Moria out to go potty). So when a big ol’ craving for fresh fruit hit, I was stymied. Should I give up my day of utter laziness and journey forth in the rain to procure fruit? Or should I ignore my craving and hope to satisfy it with the last of the Raspberry Truffle Brownies? As I unhappily contemplated my choices, another option popped into my sleepy head – banana soft serve. I might not have had any fresh fruit, but I most certainly did have a whole bunch of bananas in the freezer, just waiting to be processed into a sweet, creamy treat.

When I opened the freezer to retrieve my bananas, I spied a half-full bag of raspberries, left over from the brownies. I knew they’d make the perfect addition to my soft serve, so into the processor they went, turning my treat a gorgeous shade of fuschia-pink. I topped off my concoction with a small handful of mini chocolate chips and a few whole raspberries and called it a sundae.

Close-up of a bowl of pink soft serve with mini chocolate chips and frozen raspberries on top. The bowl is placed on a blue cloth and there's a small silver spoon to the left of the bowl.

Almost as good as plain fruit!

If you’ve never made banana soft serve, you’re really missing out. It’s incredibly simple and incredibly rewarding. All you need are frozen bananas, really, but you can add additional flavors if you’d like. For this batch, I used about two frozen bananas (which I’d broken into chunks before freezing), half a cup or so of frozen raspberries, about a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and maybe a tablespoon of maple syrup. After a couple of minutes in the food processor, the soft serve was a perfect creamy consistency.

Happily, the bright, fresh flavors totally satisfied my craving and tickled my taste buds. I never even had to take off my pajama pants. ;)

Similar photo to the previous one, but this one is taken from a bit further away.

A sundae on Sunday.

How do you feel about banana soft serve? How do you satisfy inconvenient cravings?


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