Baby Poop on Rice

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There comes a point every MoFo where it starts getting dark too early to take natural-light photos after work, and although I want to prep during the weekend and have beautiful photos to parcel out throughout the week, suddenly it’s Monday night and I haven’t prepared anything for my Tuesday morning post and my dinner, well, my dinner is just not appetizing.

I mean. It is appetizing, in the it-tastes-good sort of way. But it’s not appetizing in the it-looks-good sort of way. In that sort of way, it majorly fails. Because what it does look like is baby poop. Goopy, spinach-y baby poop.

So it’s Monday night and I’m faced with a choice. I could forgo a photo and share a (horror of horrors!) image-less post. Or I could subject the internet at large to a picture of a dish I fondly call Diaper Contents on Rice. Because my distaste for image-less posts is marginally larger than my distaste for unappetizing photos, I’m going with the latter option. I hope I don’t regret it when I wake up tomorrow, look at my scheduled post that’s gone live, and see infant diarrhea on my beloved blog’s home page.

Bowl of white rice topped with a mushy pureed spinach mixture; it's dark greenish-red and has a few visible potato chunks.


I’m so sorry.

Baby Poop on Rice is really =a modification of the Spiced Spinach with Paneer from Anupy Singla’s Vegan Indian Cooking. S did most of the cooking for this one. We left out the “paneer” (aka tofu) and added potatoes instead. We also had nowhere near the suggested amount of spinach, which might explain why our puree was more brown than vibrant green. I know it’s hideous, but trust me – it was really good. Vegan Indian Cooking is a gem – S’s mom got it for him for his birthday, and everything we’ve cooked from it has been great. Singla offers creative, accessible takes on traditional Indian food, and nearly every recipe appeals to me.

If my oddly dark photo of baby poop-esque puree doesn’t appeal to you, well, I don’t blame you. But trust me – it tastes better than it looks. I swear.

What’s your best ugly-but-delicious food?


6 thoughts on “Baby Poop on Rice

  1. I think the slightest use of a contrasting garnish would have made a difference here. Many Indian foods taste a lot better then they look. As far as it looking like baby poop, I am sure it lacked one additional distinguishing feature….the aroma.


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