Moria of Mine

There’s a new lady in my life. She’s a little bit smelly and she occasionally poops on the floor and she has a beard. Meet Moria, my sweet new doggie:

Moria & me!

I adopted Moria just over a week ago. She’s a year and a half old, so she’s mostly house trained, but she’s still got a fair amount of that puppy playfulness that’s so fun. She’s predominantly Brussels Griffon, although she’s listed as a mix on her adoption papers. But that adorable beard and those big, expressive eyes are pure Brussels Griffon!

I’ve been intending to adopt a pup for a couple of months now. My frequent visits to the local Humane Society proved fruitless, but when I saw this sweet girl bashfully staring at me when I stopped by an adoption clinic at PetSmart, I was instantly taken with her calm demeanor and charmingly silly appearance. I think she looks like an Ewok; others say she’s more akin to a Wookiee. Whatever Star Warsian species she resembles, she’s just plain cute… especially when she’s panting:


If you’re wondering why I named her after something from Middle Earth and not the Star Wars universe, well, female Ewok names are awful! And she’s a bit like a Dwarf, what with the beard and all, so I thought Moria was pretty fitting. The jury’s still out on her middle name, however, so feel free to share suggestions!

Post-walk tiredness.

Expect to see more of my girl’s bearded face in upcoming posts, and check back soon for a giveaway!


5 thoughts on “Moria of Mine

  1. Moria’s a sweet little thing, even if she does look like a cross between an ewok and a wookie, and I like the name…you can call her Morie for short…or of course Pantyface or Sweetiepie or whatever else comes to mind. Congratulations!


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