Not-So-Chickpea Cutlets | VeganMoFo 2019 Day Twenty-Two

Today has been pretty boring on the food front! A bagel for breakfast, leftovers for lunch… and a casual fend-for-yourself dinner tonight, because Steven had a late lunch  and we didn’t feel like making a big meal.

Figuring out dinner was a frustrating experience. I wanted something quick and easy because we need to meet Steven’s mom at 7:15 to drop off Moria for the weekend. First I considered a chickpea flour omelette (i.e., pudla), but I’ve kind of overdosed on them recently and wasn’t really feeling it. Then I decided on a chickpea flour scramble, specifically the one from Real Food, Really Fast, a cookbook I quite like but have yet to review here. Butttt we’re out of nutritional yeast, and I hate a nooch-less egg-y recipe. And we’re out of tofu, so no tofu scram. Aaaargh!

I ended up cooking more than I wanted: I made Isa’s chickpea cutlets. They’re actually pretty quick, especially if you’ve made them previously and know the drill. I really love these cutlets; they’re super filling thanks to all that protein, yet they don’t feel heavy. (I do reduce the soy sauce a little because they tend to be a bit salty for me.) I always eat them with yellow mustard and I can’t tell you why — the pairing just feels right. Funnily enough, we didn’t have chickpeas in the pantry — the horror! I substituted cannellini beans, and they worked a treat. They’re easier to mash than chickpeas, which is an added bonus!

For a quick side dish, I blanched some green beans and doused them with lemon juice. My garden beans are going bonkers this year, so I’ve always got some to use! No complaints here.

Now we’re heading out to do the Moria hand-off. Steven brought Rosie to our friends’ house this morning, and Rachel reported back that Rosie stood at the door and whined as soon as he left. My heart! I wish we could tell our furry pals that when we leave, we’ll always come back. Ugh.

Here are a few gratuitous photos of my dingbats, just because. Moria is the grey beardy one, and Rosie is the snaggletoothed, tiny-eyed monster. <3


UPDATE. We are not, as it happens, out of nutritional yeast. How do I know? Steven just walked in brandishing two large jars of it and saying “WE’VE GOT NOOCH!” after reading this blog post. I forgot he’d picked some up recently.


3 thoughts on “Not-So-Chickpea Cutlets | VeganMoFo 2019 Day Twenty-Two

  1. I still have those chickpea cutlets bookmarked to try sometime; the cannellini beans sound like a nice substitution, though!
    Such sweet pups!


    • Oh gosh, you’ll have to try them! They’re really one of my favorite go-to recipes for a quick protein. I think I might actually prefer them with the cannellini beans, too.


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