Chips + Dip(per)s | VeganMoFo 2019 Day Eighteen

Hello on a truly steamy Sunday! Low 90s and some serious humidity. Good thing I spent two hours at the pool today, lounging in the shade with a book and then cooling off in the water. :)

It’s been a mish-mash food sort of day, with no real meals and lots of grazing (bagels, leftover Chinese food (from a post-bowling, late dinner last night), the odd apple).

So it seemed fitting that Steven made a graze-y dinner: tortilla chips, potato-carrot cheesy sauce, and a bean-pepper-corn-tomato-cilantro salsa/salad/dip. Yes please! Unfortunately we ran out of nutritional yeast, so the sauce isn’t quite as cheesy as one would hope. But it’s still tasty, especially mixed with the salsa. A perfect casual summer Sunday meal.

On a wholly unrelated side note, I’m curious: What do you call it when it rains while the sun is still shining? That happened earlier while I was walking Rosie, and it got me thinking about terminology. I’ve always called it a sunshower, which is both an accurate description and a sweet little word. My Southern friends say that in Alabama, when this phenomenon occurs, folks will say that the devil is beating his wife. Yikes. Somehow I would expect nothing more or less of the American South. So what do you call it?


4 thoughts on “Chips + Dip(per)s | VeganMoFo 2019 Day Eighteen

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