An Improved Catered Meal | VeganMoFo 2017 Day Four

VeganMoFo 2017

Week One: Changing Vegan Perspectives
Catering: Improve on the worst catered meal (wedding, party, conference, etc)
you’ve been served.

When it comes to catered events, I’ve been pretty lucky: The majority of the weddings, conferences, and other food-featuring events I’ve attended had at least one respectable vegan option on offer. Chalk it up to a combination of thoughtful friends and a real lack of conference-going on my part. (The only conference I’ve been to in recent memory took place in Seattle, and the organizers made sure there were quite a few vegan dishes for lunch. They were tasty, too — see photos below!)

It’s completely possible I’m just blocking out a particularly woeful meal from my memory, but my candidate for worst catered meal is pretty benign: a boring salad, potatoes roasted in margarine, and rolls. Certainly not exciting, but not horrifying. If I had to recreate that meal, I’d make the potatoes my main dish — perhaps as part of my spicy potato and tofu chorizo casserole? Adding tofu would provide protein, making this a filling meal.

Spicy Potato Casserole with Tofu Chorizo

Truthfully, if I were eating this at home, I’d eat it alone. But in this remade catered meal, I suppose I’d have to add a few side dishes. Mirroring the lackluster meal mentioned previously, I’d pair the casserole with some homemade dinner rolls — maybe Vaishali’s pull-apart multigrain rolls? — and a simple side salad. How about a nice hearty kale salad dressed with the the classic lemon-tahini dressing from Oh She Glows?

I guess I’m not too sad I don’t have more to say for this prompt. If I did, it would speak to a sad history of sad catered meals. But I can’t wait to see what everyone else shares!





2 thoughts on “An Improved Catered Meal | VeganMoFo 2017 Day Four

  1. I’m enjoying reading everyone’s horror stories but, like you, I don’t have any terrible ones of my own. A restaurant once promised me a vegan roast dinner and it turned out to be just the roasted veg everyone else had on the side – no potatoes, no main dish. I was pretty disappointed, but it’s nothing compared to some of the stories I’ve seen today!


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