Small-Bite Sundays: June 25, 2017

Small-Bite Sundays

June in Maryland: hot, humid, and heavenly. Does anyone else actually enjoy humidity? As someone who is nearly always cold, I view humidity as a promise of warmth, a muggy blanket enveloping me in comfort. Alas, Steven disagrees, and we have to turn on the air conditioning occasionally to dry out the house and cool it down a bit. But he was in Denver for three days this week, and I took full advantage of the solitude — just me and Moria in my swampy house. Perfection!

Anyway. This week’s post features a mixed bag of small bites, some light, some heavy, some to sink your teeth into and chew on. Enjoy, and let me know what you’ve been reading, watching, and eating this week!

Small bites: to read

An intriguing — if surface-level — look at the “social aspects” of veganism, based on Harvard sociology grad student Nina Gheihman’s ongoing research. Gheihman (herself an ethical vegan) wants to explore how veganism has become a so-called lifestyle movement and is focusing on that evolution in both France and Israel. I’m of two minds on this trend. I’m glad when anybody reduces their animal product intake, because at a basic level, that means that fewer animals will be harmed. But I also rankle at the description of veganism as a trend, a lifestyle to be adopted for a certain amount of time before being set aside as it becomes passe. That’s why I find the term “plant-based” helpful as a differentiator… but at the same time, I know it can be confusing to have two terms for what mainstream culture views as the same thing. Basically, it’s complicated. :)

This raw, personal account of what it’s like to fly while fat broke my heart — and strengthened my commitment to love and support my fat sisters. The anonymous author (writing under the poignant pseudonym of “Your Fat Friend”) makes it impossible not to empathize with her, and I felt nervous and on edge the whole time. It reminded me, yet again, of the crucial importance of empathy in breaking down the walls that keep us from caring about one another.

Small bites: to watch

The Keepers, Netflix’s new(ish) documentary series that delves into a particularly grim sexual abuse scandal at a Catholic high school in Baltimore and the unsolved murder of a nun who worked there. I’m only two episodes in and I’m both fascinated and horrified. This is true crime told through the perspectives of the women who experienced the abuse and through two other women who are investigating the cold case murder. Keep in mind that it’s not exactly a breezy, binge-y, summery series before  you settle in with the popcorn for a night of Netflix. (I found the second episode so disturbing that I needed to distract myself while I watched.)

On a lighter note, a video of five toy poodles jumping rope. It’s exactly what it sounds like and is exactly as wonderful as you’re imagining.

Small bites: to eat

Panzanella! This bread salad is the epitome of fresh summer eating. I made mine with cherry tomatoes from the farmer’s market, basil and parsley from the garden, and a gorgeous herby sourdough bread from a friend. I can’t find the exact recipe that inspired me, but for this particular panzanella I tossed the bread cubes with melted butter and sauteed garlic before toasting them. Super indulgent and, of course, super delicious… especially when served alongside a jalapeño-lime margarita.

Summery panzanella





2 thoughts on “Small-Bite Sundays: June 25, 2017

  1. I really enjoyed both of those articles and probably wouldn’t have come across them otherwise. Thank you for enriching my day!


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