Going Green — Green Tomato Galette

VeganMoFo 2016 graphic

Week Three: Rainbow Week

Today’s prompt (“It’s Easy Being Green – Look after the environment, or just eat green veg – go green today!”) immediately made me think of a recipe I shared exactly a month ago (!) for this gorgeous green tomato galette.

Roasted Green Tomato Galette with Tofu-Walnut Ricotta / #vegan / govegga.com

Why? Well, not just because it features the color green, but also because it represents one of my personal attempts at going green in the metaphorical sense. By growing my own food — even just a little — I’m  reducing my carbon footprint (no trips to the store; no food driven or flown thousands of miles) and providing flowers for pollinators. (I’m also feeding local wildlife, though not totally by choice — we’ve got some industrious little creatures in my neighborhood!) Plus, it feels great to get my hands in the dirt and to eventually be so richly rewarded for my labors. :)


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