New-to-Me MoFo Bloggers!

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Day 8: Reach out! Make a new vegan friend & tell us about it.

Whoa, you want me to make a friend in a single day?! That’s crazy talk. Despite my bloggerly loquaciousness, I’m not one to make fast friends. My friendships are more of a slow burn, if you will.

That said, in the eight days of MoFo so far, I’ve encountered a few new-to-me blogs (and bloggers!) that I’ve particularly been enjoying. Here are a few highlights:

I’ve always loved the way Vegan MoFo encourages bloggers to reach out and find new reads, so I love that there’s a prompt devoted to those relationships. In my life — both on- and offline! — I’m lucky to have many dear friends who share my ethics and ideals, and I cherish their company. I can’t imagine how isolating it would be if I didn’t have these relationships to sustain me. If you’re a vegan without a strong support network, don’t be afraid to reach out! My contact info is here if you want to chat. <3


9 thoughts on “New-to-Me MoFo Bloggers!

  1. I’m glad my pb&g made your weird taste buds light up ;) Awesome you have solid networks to share and identify with but even more rad that you extend the gesture outward. Champ <3


  2. I totally agree – finding new friends and new blogs to read and instagrams to follow is the most wonderful part of MoFo. Sometimes it can feel a bit lonely to be a vegan, and all the hubbub and activity and interconnection of mofo just feels so edifying!!


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