Saturday Eats: Lazy Edition

LVV MoFo 2014 mainOh, friends! This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to not posting on a MoFo day. I am currently in the car, passengering as S drives home from some friends’ wedding shower. I’m using his iPhone to post because I still live in the dark ages and have a dumbphone.

It’s been my custom this MoFo to share the nutritional breakdown of my Saturday eats, but I’m having a difficult time today! S and I hit up DC VegFest today, where I ate many food samples and a platter of veg sushi from a local restaurant. We didn’t have a real dinner, and then we had lots of snacks and a vegan pasta dish at the shower tonight (along with beer and wine…). Oy! I cannot measure those foods. Alas.

Is this a bit of a MoFo fail? Maybe, but I think spending half the day at a vegan festival might cancel out my lackluster post. :) Maybe.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Eats: Lazy Edition

  1. definitely not a fail! I love that you sneaked in a post one way or the other! The only time I’ve ever missed a day of mofo was 7 years ago, when we stayed ONE night at a hotel that promised to have internet, and I brought my laptop and tried and tried and tried and tried and their damned internet connection never worked. It has permanently stained my record.


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