Life, Lately

Long time no blog.

8 months, to be precise. My longest blogging hiatus pretty much ever. Why? I just wasn’t feeling it. I spent those 8 months immersing myself in new hobbies and activities, refocusing my energies and interests. Food–the act of reading about it and writing about it and talking about it–just didn’t interest me the way it used to. Instead of blogging, I knitted and sewed and got back in touch with my creative side. I opened an Etsy shop, The Pesky Pixie. I offer cruelty-free, eco-friendly items, like reusable fabric napkins and knitted coffee cup cozies. I also make super-cute bow ties for doggies (and obliging kitties!). They’re adorable. Check ’em out.

As the weather warmed, both S and I took up an entirely new hobby. Since the new year, S has been on a dedicated weight-loss journey. Armed with his FitBit, calorie counts, and his feet, he’s lost nearly 30 pounds. I’m so proud of him. He started by walking regularly, and as spring rolled in, he began running. We began running. S started a Couch to 5K program, and I joined him about 1/3 of the way through (I thought I was too advanced for the beginning couple weeks… ha). It’s been transformative. I mean it, too. Stop rolling your eyes.

In the past few weeks, though, I’ve found myself looking at food blogs and cookbooks with increasing frequency. One night when I was having trouble sleeping, I jotted down some ideas for homemade ice creams. Basically, I’m feelin’ it again. Expect more posts soon. In the meantime, how about a recap of the past 8 months in Instagram form? You can follow me at @kelmishka to see more. As I say on my bio, I don’t have a smartphone, so all my photos are taken at home on my iPad. (Spoiler alert: They’re mostly of Moria!)

I’ll share in chronological order, because what else would I do.

Thanksgiving with my family was both delicious and delightful. Sharing it with this curious little boy was the icing on the cake (um, the gravy on the Tofurky?).

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Our first Christmas tree! I cut it down myself after we wound up on a cut-your-own farm accidentally.

It was a long, cold, brutal winter (well, brutal in MD terms… not so brutal compared to the ol’ WI winters!). I spent many hours snuggled up on the couch knitting.

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Cozy Sunday knitting.

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I told you doggie bow ties are cute.

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Successful Work-night Wednesday! Two doggie bow ties.

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S’s mum gave us a sprouting kit for Christmas. We’ve been putting it to good use, although we went a little overboard the first time!

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Harvested a giant bowl of sprouts. Banana for scale!

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I celebrated Teddy’s first birthday in RI. He’s a goof.

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Lovin' this little face!

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I raided my mom’s fabric stash for napkin and bow tie materials.

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Raiding Mom's fabric stash!

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Mama painted me a pretty bowl for my 27th birthday (seen here filled with BBQ chickpeas!).

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BBQ chickpeas look good in my pretty mom-painted bowl!

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Moria find herself in the weirdest positions. How is this comfy?

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This dog's body is doing something strange.

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My bulletin board at work.

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I keep a bit of Epic on my bulletin board at work. :)

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Best Christmas present ever. Thanks, parents! This baby has revolutionized my bread-making game.

Knitted bow brooches and hair ties are sweet accessories.

My first craft show! We have them twice yearly at the office. So much fun.

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Work craft show was lots of fun!

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Sometimes Little Dog’s tongue comes out when she’s dreaming. Probably chasing a squirrel.

Standard fare.

Ladygirl at work. She’s the boss of me.

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"I'm going to need that treat delivery by COB today."

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Choosing the color palette for a new project–a bib for my baby cousin.

New home for my cookbooks and my KitchenAid–a $5 yard sale find! Still need to repaint and find some fun knobs.

S, me, and my mom right after our first 5K (the Gaspee 5K in Warwick, RI). I felt great. Like our shirts? We had ’em made specially!

New running shirt purchased at my 5-year Carleton reunion. A rejuvenating weekend with some of my best friends in one of my favorite places in the world.

I’ve been all about salads lately. This one is marinated tofu, coconut bacon, and a homemade ranch sauce… topped with hemp seeds, of course.

Cucumbers are for pickling.

Five and a half pounds of scrumptious berries from Frog Eye Farm. Moria came, too!

My sweet new animal-product-free running shoes–Brooks Ravenna. They feel great!

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Perfect night for a run.

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I’ll be back soon with some FOOD. :)

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