Easy as Pie: Pumpkin Pudding

The hot weather continues here in Maryland. I’m not sure if there’s a more PC term for “Indian summer,” but whatever it is, it’s what’s going on here.* Despite the sweat-inducing temperatures outdoors, my thoughts are rapidly straying to autumn and to all the culinary changes it brings. If you’re familiar with VeganMoFo, then you probably know that the foodie blogworld goes absolutely bonkers for one particular ingredient this time of year:

Top-down view of lots of orange pumpkins.

Perhaps my shopping list from yesterday’s post was a giveaway, but I’ve been jonesin’ for something made with pumpkin lately. But baked goods weren’t exactly at the top of my want-list last night; our apartment was hot, I was sleepy, and we already have lots of leftovers hanging around from my other MoFo experiments. Instead, I settled for probably the easiest dessert ever: pumpkin pudding.



I’d fully intended to come up with my own recipe, but this one from Healthy. Happy. Life. is a dead ringer for the idea I had in my head, so I won’t bother sharing a recipe. The only changes I made were to totally avoid measuring anything (ahem, I said I was sleepy) and to use a bit of brown sugar along with the maple syrup. Oh, and I just dumped some autumnal spices in because I ain’t got no pumpkin pie spice.

Although soy-free puddings certainly appeal to a wider crowd, this silken tofu-based one is just unbeatable in terms of simplicity. Whizz it all up in the blender, let it set, and presto—instant dessert. Even an overheated zombie (who, me?) can’t mess that up.

I’m sure I’ll be baking with pumpkin soon enough, so—what’s your favorite pumpkin recipe? 

*According to Wikipedia, there are actually a boatload of other terms. I think I might like the Chinese one best.


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