Vegan Staples: Tofu, Scrambled

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Somehow, I’ve totally neglected tofu so far in my Vegan Staples series. A travesty! Tofu is definitely one of my staple foods. I don’t usually eat it more than once a week, but it’s so versatile that I just can’t help but add it to many meals. Last night, I used it in dish that’s really a bedrock of vegan cookery – tofu scramble.

Shallow plate of tofu scramble with visible red peppers and avocado. In the background is a plate of pumpkin French toast.


Tofu scramble is probably the easiest tofu-based dish to make. As long as you add ample spices and don’t make it too watery, you really can’t mess it up. For this batch, I used a locally made tofu, and it had the perfect texture after a stint in the Tofu Xpress. I added canned diced tomatoes, chopped mushrooms, lots of onion, garlic, red Bell peppers, and all sorts of spices – turmeric, cumin, coriander, chili powder, freshly ground black pepper, salt, and a spray or two of Bragg’s. I topped it with diced avocado, which really takes a scramble over the top. I completed my breakfast-for-dinner theme by using some stale French bread in pumpkin French toast. Both dishes were super simple to whip up, yet S called them, collectively, the best dinner I’ve made in a while. If only I’d known it was so easy! :)

What are your go-to tofu scramble ingredients?


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