Sneak Peek Saturday: A Hint of Things to Come

Orange rectangle with the white fist-shaped Vegan MoFo logo and the text "Vegan Month of Food 2012."

S and I were busy bees last night! While I whipped up a sweet treat you’ll surely see soon, S sliced and chopped his way through a couple of gorgeous cabbages.

Wide shot of a clear plastic cutting board. In the foreground is half a purple cabbage. In the background is a pink chef's knife and lots of green cabbage, some in wedges and some sliced thinly.

Cabbage massacre!

Neither my baking project nor S’s mound of cabbage was consumed by us last night, though. No, we were preparing for our very first all-vegan potluck! A group of vegans (and vegetarians) from work is getting together today for a lunchtime potluck full of vegan yumminess today. I’m bringing a dessert and S is bringing a cabbage and carrot slaw with a creamy poppy seed dressing. Here’s his big bowl o’ cabbage waiting to be dressed:

Close-up of a big plastic bowl filled with thinly grated cabbage.

Cabbage of many colors.

I’ll share my dessert tomorrow or Monday, and as long as my nerves don’t fail me this afternoon, I’ll also have photos galore of our potluck eats. I’m still not totally comfortable with performing food photography in front of relative strangers, but I’m going to go for it today. Maybe. Hopefully. :)

What’re your thoughts on public food photography?


2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Saturday: A Hint of Things to Come

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  2. I only photograph in public when out with people that I am comfortable enough to discuss my blog with – then then understand about taking photos for the blog – but not with work groups


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