What’s in the Box? Summer 2012 CSA Week Five

It’s week five of my summer CSA! Want to see my haul?

An empty basket!


What devilry is this?! Don’t worry, our farm hasn’t gone under or anything. S and I decided to donate our share to a local food pantry this week. I’d be lying if I said we did it out of pure altruism, though – it was a very pragmatic decision. We are going to be out of town for about ten days starting Friday, and our food just wouldn’t last that long. Where will we be? We are going to Ireland and Scotland! Eee!

…I know, I know, we just took a trip to RI. And I haven’t even mentioned that I spent last weekend camping with college friends. But the Ireland/Scotland trip was in the works well before either of those trips, and summer is for travelin’, right? Yeah. I’m super excited to return to Dublin, where I spent most of a summer studying during college. And I’ve never been to Scotland, so I can’t wait to explore Edinburgh and check out some Fringe events. And – of course! – we are both very excited to discover what vegan eats Dublin and Edinburgh have to offer. I was vegetarian when I was in Ireland, but I’ve never experienced it as a vegan.

So, dear readers, if you’ve been to either place as a vegan, let me know where I should eat! And do share fun things to do in Dublin and Edinburgh. I’ve done many touristy things in Dublin, but I’m open to your suggestions, too! And, tell me – do you have any fun vacations planned this summer?


6 thoughts on “What’s in the Box? Summer 2012 CSA Week Five

  1. When we were in Ireland 6 years ago we were with a group of folks so had less choices on where to eat. We ended up having what they call salad sandwiches at some places and potaoes and veggies at the pubs. I don’t recall having any outstanding meals but we loved Ireland – the scenery, the people, and the music. Have fun!


  2. Oh my gosh, I am so jealous! Ireland and Scotland are both on my bucket list…my family heritage is Irish, so I definitely plan to visit there someday. How wonderful! And that was so nice that you donated your CSA share, regardless of your reason for doing so. I’m sure they were thrilled to get farm-fresh vegetables!


    • I know what you mean! I was SO excited to study in Ireland five years ago – I’d been dreaming of going there for ages. I hope you get a chance to go! Both countries are absolutely gorgeous.


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