Trick or Treat: Moria says, “Treat, please!”

Orange rectangular banner that says "Vegan MoFo" and "Vegan Month of Food 2011."

Happy Halloween & happy end-of-MoFo, y’all! Goodness, this month has been a busy one. I’m pretty happy with my MoFo experience this year; planning and prepping make all the difference in the world – who knew!? However, I have to admit that my past couple of posts haven’t been particularly inspiring. But I hope to make up for it with this one. It’s not super exciting, but it will feature a cute dog photo, so that pretty much guarantees that it’ll be worth your while… right?!

As a childless chica who lives in an apartment in suburbia, I sadly don’t get to experience the joy of taking a kid trick-or-treating or handing out candy to adorably dressed little kids (along with way-too-old-to-be-trick-or-treating teenagers wearing hoodies and ski masks). So I propose that we expand the scope of Halloween and allow dogs to go trick-or-treating. Just imagine it – the streets full of dogs of all sizes and breeds, running around chasing treats while decked out in the most ridiculous costumes their pampering humans can find. IT WOULD BE SO CUTE. However, this is sadly not a reality yet, so instead I will just spoil my own puppy with lots of delicious treats. She doesn’t have a costume, but she already looks like an Ewok, so maybe that’s good enough. Because I want only the best for my dear little girl (…), I will feed her homemade treats, free of preservatives and icky chemicals. And they will be Halloween-shaped:

A mason jar tipped on its side with small yellow-orange dog biscuits spilling out; they're in the shape of pumpkins and ghosts. In the background is a pumpkin.


I used this recipe from Melody over at Little House on the Vegan Prairie; it features pumpkin and peanut butter and is perfect for cutting into cute little shapes. Following my Halloween theme, I made little pumpkins and ghosts for my doggie. They looked good to me, but what did Moria think when she tried them?

A small, grey, furry dog taking a treat from my hand.


She loved them! Pumpkin and peanut butter are a no-fail combination for most dogs, I think. I actually halved the recipe, then halved the dough and baked one of those halves and froze the other. That way, I can refill her treat jar at a moment’s notice! Genius!

So even if my Halloween is lacking in sugary sweets, Moria at least will enjoy some yumminess. Have you ever made treats for your pets? Do you get to give out candy (or take your own kids trick-or-treating) tonight? How was your MoFo experience?!

And with that, I’ll say goodbye to Vegan MoFo 2011. Expect a few days’ break as I recover and catch up on Google Reader… it’s so full I’m scared to look! Ciao!


3 thoughts on “Trick or Treat: Moria says, “Treat, please!”

  1. They look good enough for humans to eat! (Could we??) Can’t say that I’ve made treats for dear Molly & Missy. Maybe someone will give them some for Christmas;) Btw, based on your puppy pampering, I think my future grandchildren are in excellent hands!


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