Somewhat Simplicity Sunday: Roman Candle Pizzeria

Orange rectangular banner that says "Vegan MoFo" and "Vegan Month of Food 2011."

Oh dear! I’m sneaking in right under the wire for this one. I’m just jumpin’ in with a quick review of Roman Candle Pizzeria, a vegan-friendly local pizza joint. Their make-your-own pizza option is great, as they have a variety of delicious toppings and a really tasty spicy fireworks sauce that livens up any creation you come up with. But my go-to option for those times I’m too lazy to create my own concoction is the Vegan Destroyer, which is topped with spinach, toasted pine nuts, mushrooms, red onions, red pepper puree and fresh basil.

Three stacked slices of pizza on a plate.

Pizza 4 me!

I usually get it with the fireworks sauce, but my most recent encounter with the Vegan Destroyer (pictured here!) featured their regular sauce because the spicy sauce always make my nose run, and  S and I were dining out with another couple and I didn’t have a Kleenex with me. :) It was good, but not quite as tasty as it is with the fireworks sauce. Still, I enjoyed my dinner last night and my lunch leftovers today. That’s the best part of ordering pizza, isn’t it?

Do you have a vegan-friendly pizza place near you? What’s your favorite pizza topping?


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