Lovely Blogging and Cop-Outs Galore

A couple days ago, I was pleased as punch to notice my humble little blog listed next to the One Lovely Blog Award over at Greyt Vegan Life. I always enjoy Christina’s posts and comments, and if you haven’t checked out her blog, you definitely should. There is food, and adorable animals. What more could you want? Oh, there’s also this – Christina’s take on the VegNews controversy. My feelings are quite in line with hers, so you should go give her perspective a read. (Cop-out numero uno.) Now that VegNews has issued an apology that, um, actually apologizes for their deceitful ways, I hope things will take a turn for the positive – all that negativity was getting me down. Here’s to turning over new leaves, changing for the better, etc etc etc!

Aaanyway, back to blog awards. I am now tasked with sharing seven random things about myself. And it’s a good thing, too, because I don’t have anything else to share with you today. :P

1. I can’t imagine having kids at any point in the near future (I still feel like a kid myself!), but occasionally I get really excited about the prospect of being one of those hippie moms who uses cloth diapers and makes all her own baby food and carries her baby around in a sling. I’m totally going to use “I need to puree fruits and veggies!” as an excuse for buying a Vitamix. :P

2. I’m currently 3/4 of the way through Dune, and I think it’s an absolutely fantastic book. I’m a big sci-fi/fantasy fan, and I’m kicking myself for not having read it sooner!

3. My family has two dogs, Tamale (a chihuahua), and Mistletoe (a mini dachshund). Missy ruptured a disc in her spine and now wears diapers and tools around in a sweet doggie wheelchair/cart. My pups are back in RI, and I miss them terribly! I hope to adopt a pupper of my own in the very near future.

4. The only time I skipped school in high school was to attend an all-day showing of the three Lord of the Rings movies. I wore a homemade Eowyn dress, stood in line for hours, and got on TV because my friends and I sang a LotR-themed parody of ‘Jingle All the Way’. My dad dressed up as Gandalf, and when he arrived at the theatre and walked across the parking lot, everyone in line started cheering. It was easily one of the geekiest, most fun days I can remember.

5. My sister is four and a half years younger than I am, but people frequently think we’re twins or that she’s older than I am.

6. My friend and I started this sweet Tumblr, and you should check it out.

7. I’m going to Austin next weekend! The fella and I are traveling to Texas to visit various friends, and I am SO excited to escape the never-ending Wisconsin winter. Any recommendations for awesome vegan eats in Austin? I found this list, and it looks like there are tons of options! Yay!

So, I’m supposed to pass this on to 15 lovely blogs, but I’m too tired and lazy to do that right now – plus, I think many of you have already been officially designated as lovely. :) If you haven’t, though, consider yourself awarded – for reals! (Cop-out numero dos.)

Thanks again, Christina!


6 thoughts on “Lovely Blogging and Cop-Outs Galore

    • I didn’t know there was such a thing as a manual baby food grinder! Nice.

      I inherited my nerdiness from my dad. I think he was *more* than excited for another opportunity to wear his Gandalf costume… haha.


  1. Good old Wisconsin — it’s often a three-season place, so forget about spring. I just hope it won’t be snowing at the end of May, when I come for a visit! Should I bring my boots?

    I’ve never been to Austin but I’ve heard only great things about it. The weather will probably be good, too.

    Like Christina, I was kind of like the mom in #1, except for the sling. Piles of cloth diapers and a baby food grinder was pretty much the way things went.


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