Eep! My poor, neglected blog. I’ve been so busy! Austin was fantastic; I got to spend time with lots of lovely people, basking in the sun and getting a tattoo (more about that later!) and eating tons of yummy vegan food (Mother’s Cafe! Whole Foods! Counter Culture! Other places! Etc!). Then I got back to Wisconsin and froze to death (lie) in the cold and the rain and the FROST ON MY WINDSHIELD, HOW DARE YOU MOTHER NATURE.

Buttttt anyway. I don’t have photos of my Austin eats, because, quite frankly, I was too busy cavorting and finding moonlight towers to photograph my food. However, when I returned to WI, the one consolation for the nasty weather was an Easter package from my marvelous parents. Mumsie and Daddy sent me a bunch of goodies from Pangea! I got chocolates, jelly beans, soap (Mum, do I smell?!), lip balm (perfect timing, because I just ran out of my Crazy Rumors!), and a cute pin.

Easter basket?!

Yay! Thanks, padres! The truffles are delicious; they have little bits of hazelnut in them, and they remind me of one of my favorite pre-vegan candy bars: Kinder Bueno bars. My friend Justine and I fell in love with these bars when we were in London way back in 2004, and we’d always try to pick up a box of them whenever either of us returned to Europe. Alas; they’re not vegan. But now I know I can approximate their flavor with these tasty truffles!

Now I am getting ready for yet another trip, this time to California! It’s a work trip, but I am serendipitously stationed close to where my grandfather lives, so I will get to meet up with him and his wife. :) Yay! How are y’all?


One thought on “Austin/Easter

  1. LOL, first of all, I must quote Matthew McConaghey’s character in Dazed and Confused: “There’s a new fiesta in the making as we speak…party at the moon tower!” So glad you had a great trip! Can’t wait to see the ink!



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