Unintentionally Mushy Peas

Last weekend, I hosted a party.

Half of you probably read that and thought, “…yeah, okay?” You’re probably thinking, “Is hosting a party even worth mentioning unless something ridiculously awesome happened at said party, like aliens?” Well, haters, there were no aliens, unless my social ineptitude rendered me particularly un-humanlike. The thing is, my roommate and I are both rather introverted, and we. don’t. host. parties.

Okay, that was a lie, because obviously we hosted one last weekend. We had many things to celebrate, so we shoved our introversion aside and planned and planned and planned, and then we planned some more. As part of our planning (some might say “over-planning”), we created a [physical] drink menu for guests, and in preparation for making said drinks, I might have gone a little overboard on supply purchasing. Not only is our liquor cabinet now overflowing with more booze than I’ve seen outside of a bar (shut up; I’m sheltered), but our pantry is overflowing with citrus. We currently have a giant bag of limes and a giant bag of lemons to use up – turns out most cocktails only require a relatively small amount of citrus juice, not the juice of 5 lbs of fruit. Who knew?

So, in an effort to not waste said citrus, I’ve been on the hunt for lemon-y and lime-y recipes. I got to use 4 whole limes yesterday during a curry-making adventure with a delightful fella, and today I gave my lemons some attention with this Lemony Yellow Split Pea dish.

Cheery peas!

This is meant to be a side dish, but it totally works as a main dish. If you were not lazy like me, you might serve it up with rice or some veggies, but I’m super lazy and ate it all by itself. It’s surprisingly tasty for such a simple recipe; the major players are yellow split peas, garlic, lemon, and cilantro. The recipe also calls for freshly grated ginger, but I didn’t have any so I substituted the powdered variety, which was totally overpowered by all the other flavors. Even with the absentee ginger and the garlic I might have slightly burnt and my overcooking fail (it was much more mushy than intended), I really enjoyed this dish, and topping it with cilantro totally sealed the deal for me.

However, it only used 1.5 lemons. Curses! Help a girl out – what awesome lemon-y or lime-y recipes do you like?! Also, have you ever had intentionally mushy peas? Like the kind they serve across the pond? I tried some in Ireland, and I really enjoyed them!


9 thoughts on “Unintentionally Mushy Peas

  1. Recently I wrote a blog entry offering a leftist critique of the ideology of “Green” environmentalism, animal rights activism, eco-friendliness, and lifestyle politics in general (veganism, “dumpster diving,” “buying organic,” etc.). I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the matter and any responses you might have to its criticisms.


  2. I flippin’ love mushy peas! My husband is Irish and we lived there for several years…when I first saw cans of “mushy peas” in the shops, I just thought is was funny (you know, a laugh, kind of like one’s first encounter with Spotted Dick–total lol), but then I tried them, and I became a huge fan. They’re difficult to find around here in the PNW, but I found a UK online store and bought several boxes of dried ones.

    But, I’m babbling! Sorry. What I wanted to say was the lemony split peas sound wonderful, and they do look nice and cheery! As for lemony, limey recipes…sorry, I’m drawing a blank except for some kind of dessert…maybe a boozey one at that since you have an abundance.


  3. I often add half a lemon to my smoothies. Make some guac, ceviche or lime gelato for all those limes. Or send them to me. I’m heading out right now to buy more citrus.



  4. MMMM lemons and limes. I always use up extras by making grilled veggies. I marinate them in soy sauce, ginger, agave syrup, garlic, lots of lemon and lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper! I also make a marinade for tofu the same way and grill it! Super yummy! Or just make some salad dressing and instead of using vinegar, use olive oil and lemon/lime juice!

    You could always make some lemony hummous, or some margaritas! YUM!

    Good luck and let us know how you end up using them! :)

    PS – Love your blog BTW!


  5. That looks awesome….gonna go buy some split peas now. I LOVE lemony things. I add lemon to everything…is that wrong? I love really lemony hummus, or squeeze lemons over rice :)


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