Sicky McSickerson and the Inherent Awkwardness of Blogging During Major World Disasters

Hey y’all, guess what? I’m sick! I rarely get sick, so this is quite novel. I spent the weekend on the couch, reading and watching movies and bungling up my knitting because my brain’s so addled. It sucked. Except every time I think, “Ugh, this sucks,” I then feel ridiculously guilty, because you know what sucks a whole lot more than being congested and headache-y and sore throat-y? Earthquakes. And tsunamis. And definitely nuclear power plan explosions. Their suckage totally dwarfs my suckage.

Sometimes I avoid blogging when Major World Disasters happen, because… what do you do? Totally ignore it and go on talking about the mouthgasmic brownies you ate last night? Preface your post with a sentence about how shitty the Major World Disaster is, and how you feel guilty talking about your brownies, but then go on to talk about your brownies anyway? I mean, I guess I’m going to take the latter route (minus the brownies; sorry), but it just feels… inadequate. But at the same time, what else can I do? I can read news stories until I’m overcome with crushing despair, I can make offhand comments to friends and family about how unbelievable it all is, but is that going to help anybody who’s actually hurting? Nah. I can donate money. That’s about all I can do to tangibly help anyone, and it just feels like such a cop-out. Meh.

So… yeah. Here’s the part where I awkwardly transition into the food-related point of my post by saying “Oh, looks like I took option number 2; I’ve acknowledged the Major World Disaster, and now I’m a-okay to talk about food because y’all know that I know that things in the World at Large suck, so you won’t think I’m totally selfish.” Again… meh. Anyway… awkward transition, activate!

So being sick does suck. But I’ve managed to keep myself pretty well hydrated and pretty well fed. Between chain-sucking Ludens and filling a small forest’s worth of Kleenex with nasal excretions, I’ve been drinkin’ a lot of this:

Image nabbed from Google.

and slurpin’ down a lot of this:

Recycled image alert!

My current miso incarnation trades leeks and scallions for the tofu in this version. Ah, miso soup – so versatile! So delicious! So slurpable!

What do you eat when you’re sick? Do you get sick often?

Like I said, I really don’t… in fact, I’m currently taking my very first sick day since starting this job over a year ago. I actually feel better than I did yesterday, but not well enough to go into work, and I don’t want to spread my germiness to everyone else. I’m just glad I’m getting this out of my system now – tomorrow’s my 24th birthday (…), and this weekend I’ve got plans that would not play nicely with illness.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for ya. I think I’m going to put on some real person clothes and take a short walk to the drugstore to pick up another box of Kleenex… maybe the sun will kill all my germs. That’s how it works, right?! :)


8 thoughts on “Sicky McSickerson and the Inherent Awkwardness of Blogging During Major World Disasters

  1. I know what you mean! That is exactly how I feel about the world disasters vs. blogging as usual. I’m sure we are not alone! Take care and hope you’re all better soon.


  2. This post was great, took the words right out of my mouth (if I’d actually been able to get the words from my brain to my mouth – or at least my keyboard – as well as you did!) Rose and I discussed just a couple of days ago the dilemma about blogging in the aftermath of such a tragic and colossal disaster. I imagine everyone is affected by it, but it’s so overwhelming, how does one process it, never mind blog in a productive or meaningful way about it? I took an approach similar to yours, have noticed others not mentioning it at all in their posts, and some seem to have been waiting until they can come up with something useful to share. I’m sure the decision about how to proceed wasn’t easy for anyone.

    I’ve had a cold (same symptoms as you) for the past week and I haven’t been sick in over a decade! Seems nearly everyone I know has come down with this creeping crud. What’s that about? Feel better soon! (Your miso looks delicious – and very healing!)


    • I’m really glad to know that others wonder about this, too. It just feels like it shouldn’t be okay to blog about trivial things, but that’s what we end up doing anyway.

      Hope you’re feeling better!


  3. I have a tale to make you feel better: I’m in the midst of moving hell (from WA to CA) and I have been without cable and internet and for a few days I couldn’t even find a radio to plug in and listen to. Long story short, I was blissfully ignorant about the Japan crisis for a few days. It was nice while it lasted, but when it was over I immediately stopped complaining about the movers breaking my antique chair and tracking mud into my house, blah blah blah. It’s only STUFF!

    Hope you’re feeling better! I don’t get sick often, but nothing makes me feel better than Momma’s Chicken Noodle Soup, de-chickened of course! Your miso version looks great!


  4. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts about blogging during devastating world events. I feel really connected to the bloggers I visit regularly and I find comfort in reading about how they are coping with the challenging circumstances (either with or without brownies).

    I really hope you feel better soon and get to enjoy your celebrations. Even when the world feels scary I try to find simply ways to experience joy. So, on that note, I wish you a wonderfully happy birthday!



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