A Decidedly Unseasonal Beverage

Friends! Thank you all for your suggestions for my international Christmas dinner. I talked with my ‘rents the other day, and we’ve got some fantastic ideas – I can’t wait to share them with you after the holiday!

Right now, though, I’m gleefully packing to go hooome! My flight out of Madison leaves a bit after 6:00 tomorrow evening, so I’ll have to leave work a bit early – que lástima, I know. I’m currently having a little happyfest as I finish up my packing and listen to Christmas music. I’m also using up the last of my Brussels sprouts so they don’t go bad while I’m out of state. That’s a vaguely seasonal eat, right? I must admit, though, that the other night I indulged in a totally non-seasonal dessert, one that might be more appropriate for lounging poolside than snuggling in a blanket on the couch, knitting and watching ridiculous holiday movies.

Pinkity pink!

Isn’t that super pretty? And isn’t my tiny fake tree super ridiculous? I had a banana I needed to use up (I just CANNOT enjoy bananas, no matter how hard I try!), and I blended it with the remainder of my Rice Dream ice cream (because it’s way too sweet for me to eat straight up), a bunch of frozen raspberries, and a secret ingredient. Whoa, wait, the secret ingredient is Silk Nog, so this IS a seasonal beverage after all! Surprise! Anyway, this was rather delicious – it reminded me of some sort of sour candy, although I couldn’t quite determine which one. Mmm… it was so yummy, tart and sweet and smooth and creamy. Yay ad hoc milkshake-makin’!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some Brussels to eat before they stink up the apartment even more. Oh, by the way – roasting Brussels in coconut oil? AMAZING. It’s a revelation! Slightly caramelized, crispy sprouts? Yes, please! Give it a shot if you haven’t yet – I lurve it!

Happy Monday! Next time I write, it’ll be from the Ocean State – huzzah!


4 thoughts on “A Decidedly Unseasonal Beverage

  1. How exciting! Have a good journey and have fun…

    The pink drink is pretty. And brussels sprouts roasted in coconut oil sounds so good…I’ll be trying that one soon!


  2. Can’t till summer weather to have proper vegan smoothies with vegan ice-cream. Your pink concoction looks ambrosial!!


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