A Decidedly Unseasonal Beverage

Friends! Thank you all for your suggestions for my international Christmas dinner. I talked with my ‘rents the other day, and we’ve got some fantastic ideas – I can’t wait to share them with you after the holiday!

Right now, though, I’m gleefully packing to go hooome! My flight out of Madison leaves a bit after 6:00 tomorrow evening, so I’ll have to leave work a bit early – que lástima, I know. I’m currently having a little happyfest as I finish up my packing and listen to Christmas music. I’m also using up the last of my Brussels sprouts so they don’t go bad while I’m out of state. That’s a vaguely seasonal eat, right? I must admit, though, that the other night I indulged in a totally non-seasonal dessert, one that might be more appropriate for lounging poolside than snuggling in a blanket on the couch, knitting and watching ridiculous holiday movies.

Pinkity pink!

Isn’t that super pretty? And isn’t my tiny fake tree super ridiculous? I had a banana I needed to use up (I just CANNOT enjoy bananas, no matter how hard I try!), and I blended it with the remainder of my Rice Dream ice cream (because it’s way too sweet for me to eat straight up), a bunch of frozen raspberries, and a secret ingredient. Whoa, wait, the secret ingredient is Silk Nog, so this IS a seasonal beverage after all! Surprise! Anyway, this was rather delicious – it reminded me of some sort of sour candy, although I couldn’t quite determine which one. Mmm… it was so yummy, tart and sweet and smooth and creamy. Yay ad hoc milkshake-makin’!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some Brussels to eat before they stink up the apartment even more. Oh, by the way – roasting Brussels in coconut oil? AMAZING. It’s a revelation! Slightly caramelized, crispy sprouts? Yes, please! Give it a shot if you haven’t yet – I lurve it!

Happy Monday! Next time I write, it’ll be from the Ocean State – huzzah!