Random Food Photo Friday: Apple, Baked

Imma lay it down straight – I got nothin’. The foodie highlight of my day was probably the mango I ate for First Dinner, and even that was a bit of a disappointment because it wasn’t quite ripe enough. So how about a random food photo?

There's something slightly unsettling about this picture.

This is a baked apple. I ate it a couple weeks ago, and it was Good. I cored a Granny Smith (good God that sounds horrible) and filled it to the brim with a delicious mixture of EB, oats, brown sugar, and spices. Then I, ahem, baked it. It got all bubbly and mushy and hot and foamy, and I ate it, and I wondered why I’d never made a baked apple ever before. The end.

Happy Friday! How was your day?

P.S. I saw HP and it was not as offensive as some of the previous movies have been. So… that’s good, right?!


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