Spreadin’ the Bloggy Lurve: Molasses-Ginger Cookies

After last night’s major brownie flop, I needed a fail-proof baking project tonight to bolster my confidence and give me somethin’ sweet to munch on while I stare at the sad remains of my flavorless brownies of d00m. So I took a little trip through MoFos of ages past (by which I mean last year), started salivating when I came to this post, and set my sights on the spicy-smooth flavors of molasses-ginger cookies. Awww, yeahhh.

I'd share, but...

Last year I made these so I could send some sweet cookie lovin’ to my boyfriend, but these days I’m a single lady, so I halved the recipe. I still got 14 cookies out of this batch, and that’s not including the embarrassing amount of dough I scarfed down while putting these together. They’re just as delightful and cozifying as I remember, and they come together super quickly (even more quickly if you’re impatient and don’t refrigerate them for an hour (not that I would do that (ten minutes in the freezer is the same, right?!))). I used freshly-grated ginger, giving them an extra kick of yumminess.

The recipe comes from the ever-amusing Claryn over at Hell Yeah It’s Vegan!, and I highly recommend it. It’s definitely one of my favorite cookie recipes, and one day I might even make it with the crystallized ginger! Gasp!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go have a major cookiefest in the hopes that if I’m in a sugar coma, I won’t remember that I’m not seeing the new Harry Potter movie at midnight and thus won’t die of shame for being such a bad HP fan.*

What’s your go-to cookie recipe?

* Maybe it’s for the best, though. I love the HP books with an extreme and undying geeky devotion, and I always look forward to the movies with the naive hope that they’ll be awesome, but they inevitably disappoint me because they just don’t hold a [teeny, tiny, stub of a little birthday] candle to the books. Still… I love midnight premieres, and I’m really sad that I’m not going to one for this movie! :(


3 thoughts on “Spreadin’ the Bloggy Lurve: Molasses-Ginger Cookies

  1. yum. those little nuggets of gingery goodness look just perfect. I love gingery cookies. I don’t think I really have a go-to cookie recipe… I used to make cookies all the time, but my boyfriend has been a bit more health-conscious lately (which is definitely a good thing), so it’s been quite a while I guess. Which means that just about any cookie recipe can make me drool with delight.


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