Alert, alert! Giveaway: your input needed!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold the presses! It’s nearly October?! When did that happen? April may be the cruellest month (and that’s debatable), but September sure feels like the shortest. I know people (including me) say that all the time, but honestly? September flew by like a hummingbird on speed.

And that means that October fast approacheth. And that means that my one-year veganiversary fast approacheth!  I made the “official” switch to veganism on the first of October last year, just in time for VeganMoFo. I’d essentially been vegan for a while, but I came out of the closet, went public, and stopped with the very occasional consumption of eggs or dairy (which had mostly been to appease people and not make waves).

As I’ve said recently, making the official switch was by far one of my best decisions. So I’d like to celebrate! And what better way than by embracing my inner hobbit and giving away presents to all you wonderful folks? I haven’t yet decided what I should give away, so here’s the fun part – you can tell me! Do you like giveaways with food as the prize? A cookbook? An eclectic mix of fun ephemera? Let me know! I’ll take all your input into consideration and have the official giveaway post up in a week or so. :)

And just so this isn’t a text-only post, here’s a photo of some cookies.


I’m pretty sure this was from a more successful attempt at making Dreena’s cookies than that last time I tried ’em… hehe.


9 thoughts on “Alert, alert! Giveaway: your input needed!

  1. This whole year has zoomed by so fast!! It’s hard to keep up, but fall is my favorite time of year, so it better slow down now. Happy Vegan for One Year Anniversary! People should be sending you gifts (your giveaway package will be in the mail tomorrow)!! I think giveaways with a fun mix of goodies are the best.


  2. Heh, I love the molasses mistake. And happy vegan anniversary! I think the mish/mash of goodies are fun, and if you want to include some sort of baked good in that I bet the recipient would be quite lucky :).


  3. congrats & happy anniversary! the best giveaways i think are cookbooks, especially if you write a little note or sign them or draw a little doodle in them. cookbooks are so helpful and they live forever and they can be shared so you are spreading vegan love all over and forever. :)


  4. Happy veganversary! I made the gluten-free version of those cookies recently. Dreena has a way of making things just healthy enough that you can indulge and pretend it’s nutrition. :)


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