525,600 Minutes of Vegan Madness

Today is my one-year veganiversary. What a crazy, unpredictable, amazing 365 days it’s been – I went vegan, got a full-time job, moved to Madison, and essentially started a totally new chapter in this little life of mine. I feel so much more centered than I did a year ago, so much more comfortable with who I am and what makes me tick. I might not know exactly what I want to do with my life or what I want to be when I grow up or where I’ll be in 5, 10, 15 years, but hey – I’m enjoying the ride. And, as I’ve said before, being vegan is an essential part of that.

It can be difficult, I think, to really grasp how much one seemingly simple dietary decision might affect you and your life. But when it’s tied to something in which you believe so strongly – that nobody and nothing should suffer for your sake – how can it not make a huge difference? I’ve never been one to put too much stock in the idea of good energy or bad vibes or anything, but who knows – maybe eating a cruelty-free diet really does have some unintended, unquantifiable results. I can’t disprove that, so maybe I should give the idea a little more credence.

Anyway, how did I celebrate this special day? Well, I smeared myself with tofu and nutritional yeast and ran around naked, yelling about factory farms and how easy it is to get plant-based protein! …no, that’s a lie. Really I went to work, came home, ate some sweet potatoes, watched a Russian version of Anna Karenina, and am contemplating an early bedtime. Yeah, boring. I didn’t even bake myself a cake. But I did get my first raise at work! And yesterday I ate one of my favorite veggies EVER.

O M G.

I’m not quite sure I can express how ecstatic I was to get Brussels sprouts in our CSA share this week. And my wonderful roomie grabbed an extra bag, so I can enjoy double the sprouty goodness! I know they look a little burnt, but trust me – they’re just crisped to perfection, roasted with a little extra virgin olive oil, garlic, sea salt, and a dash of pepper. Perfection, I tell you.

Anyway, I’m spent. Time to crack open American Gods and then get some shut-eye. Tune in tomorrow or Sunday for a super-exciting GIVEAWAY POST!

P.S. Pardon the lame/cliché RENT quote in the title of this post. It’s 11:00 PM; give a girl a break!

Alert, alert! Giveaway: your input needed!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold the presses! It’s nearly October?! When did that happen? April may be the cruellest month (and that’s debatable), but September sure feels like the shortest. I know people (including me) say that all the time, but honestly? September flew by like a hummingbird on speed.

And that means that October fast approacheth. And that means that my one-year veganiversary fast approacheth!  I made the “official” switch to veganism on the first of October last year, just in time for VeganMoFo. I’d essentially been vegan for a while, but I came out of the closet, went public, and stopped with the very occasional consumption of eggs or dairy (which had mostly been to appease people and not make waves).

As I’ve said recently, making the official switch was by far one of my best decisions. So I’d like to celebrate! And what better way than by embracing my inner hobbit and giving away presents to all you wonderful folks? I haven’t yet decided what I should give away, so here’s the fun part – you can tell me! Do you like giveaways with food as the prize? A cookbook? An eclectic mix of fun ephemera? Let me know! I’ll take all your input into consideration and have the official giveaway post up in a week or so. :)

And just so this isn’t a text-only post, here’s a photo of some cookies.


I’m pretty sure this was from a more successful attempt at making Dreena’s cookies than that last time I tried ’em… hehe.