Holy green goodness, Batman!

Oh, what’s that, you ask? Oh, y’know… just a giant bowl of organic kale that I just HARVESTED FROM MY GARDEN. No big deal.

JK, it *is* a big deal – it’s my first harvest of the season! And I did it at 8:30 at night!! It’s totally worth the 8,639 mosquito bites I sustained in the process!!! Totally, totally worth it.

My work offers garden plots for free to employees, since our company owns 500+ acres in semi-rural Wisconsin. The garden is organic – no nasty pesticides allowed. The kale is one of only two plants I didn’t start from seed; when I saw organic kale plants for sale at the farmers’ market a few months ago, I couldn’t resist. And it’s doing well, as you can see! I look forward to a summer full of green monsters. :)

I haven’t been blog-absent because I’ve been diligently working in my garden, though. I actually spent last week at the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park (along with Universal + Disney) with my family as a semi-surprise belated 30th anniversary gift to my parents. It was FREAKING AWESOME and totally magical. If only I could really live at Hogwarts. Siiigh.

I’ll post some geektastic photos later, but I’m not sticking around too long – tomorrow I’m hoppin’ a plane for Austin, Texas for a weekend mini-reunion with some of my best friends from college. We graduated a year ago – it’s insane! It’s going to be great to catch up with everyone and pretend we’re young again. :)

Has anybody else been anywhere fun lately?


3 thoughts on “K-k-k-kale!

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