Simple Saturday Sandwich

Hey-o! This poor ol’ blog is a bit dusty. I have tons of food pics from the last couple of weeks in iPhoto just waitin’ for their moment in the spotlight, but instead I’m just gonna post one from today. :)

Why, yes, I frequently put my plate on the living room floor... cough, cough.

That right tharrr is my Saturday lunch. Inspired by this Voracious Vegan post re: delicious marinated tofu, I whipped up a similar marinade of my own (lemon juice + soy sauce + a bit o’ balsamic vinegar + a small glug of olive oil + Bragg’s + a dash of curry powder). After letting a couple of pre-pressed tofu slices soak up that liquid for half an hour, I cooked ’em up and then made a simple sandwich of tofu + a tiny bit of Vegenaise (which I very rarely use) + ARUGULA FROM MY GARDEN. First harvest of the season, woo! With a side of carrot sticks and TJ’s tomato-basil hummus*, this made a delightful summer Saturday lunch, and the bottle of Fat Squirrel was the perfect accompaniment. Oh, Wisconsin, I love you and your local, vegan-friendly breweries!

*Kinda not a fan of this hummus. I usually prefer hummus of the simple garlic type, but sometimes I forget that and get distracted by the idea of more exciting hummus. Next time I will put on my blinders and make a beeline for the straight-up chickpeas + tahini + garlic variety.

Anybody else have a simple yet delicious Saturday meal?


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