Sweet Potato Muffin Love

In an act of crazy VeganMoFo intertextuality, tonight I made the Maple-Kissed Sweet Potato Muffins posted on Happy Herbivore earlier today. Because this day has been quite chilly and autumnal, I figured that firing up the oven to bake a batch of hearty muffins would be the perfect way to warm up the house and fill up my tummy.

(Sorry for the cruddy photo quality!)

I’m glad to report that my hunch was correct – these are wonderful autumn muffins. They’re sweet and slightly spicy and wonderfully rich. My only complaint was that they came out just the teensiest bit gummy; perhaps I should have baked them longer. Overall, though, they’re a fabulous stand-in for the traditional pumpkin muffin, and I enjoyed using a few more of the locally-grown sweet potatoes we picked up a week or so ago.

Now I’m off to grab another muffin and plop myself in front of the telly – it’s Office night!


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