It’s VeganMoFo, y’all! I’m sure everyone knows what that’s all about, but if not, go check out Kittee‘s post here.

Basically, vegan bloggers from around the globe will spend October doing heavy-duty blogging about how rad being a vegan is. This is my first year participating, and I’m beyond excited! I discovered vegan/food blogs last fall, and I remember reading all the VeganMoFo posts and thinking how fun it would be to take part in it. I’d actually never really seriously considered that I’d be able to go vegan, but when I saw the hundreds and hundreds of wonderful posts about the animal rights benefits of veganism and the unbelievably delicious nature of vegan food, it suddenly all felt more accessible and possible to me.

And that’s why I’m excited to participate this year. I’ve decided to count October 1st as the day I’m “officially” going vegan, only because I know I’ve slipped up and accidentally eaten some non-vegan things in the past couple of months. Plus, October 1st is a pretty memorable date, no?

So! Break out your nutritional yeast and dust off the cookbooks, because it’s VEGANMOFO, bitchezzz!


3 thoughts on “Let VeganMoFo COMMENCE!

  1. I often accidentally eat non vegan things – it’s the most unobvious things that still catch me – though I am getting better! It’s all a learning curve.
    Happy mofo’ing


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