Snickerdoodles, Studying, & Sunshine (with bonus chocolate!)

Happy Monday, folks!

I’m pleased as punch that summer has finally come to Rhode Island. If we’d gone the entire summer without a day over 90˚F, I probably never would have forgiven this state. Luckily this week promises to be hot, humid, and sunny – just the way I like it. I celebrated by doing some GRE studying (ugh) outdoors (yay) and then lounging in the pool with VeggaSis. My dad has some ridiculous packrat/collector tendencies, and I remembered that he’d gotten this huge Star Wars Clone Wars blow-up pool floatie thing years ago, so we convinced him to bring it out and pump some air into it. This sucker is AWESOME. Not only is it a fantastic floating lounge device, but it’s Star Wars themed! AND it has cupholders. ;) Love.

But before hitting up the pool, I baked some cookies. Normally I’m not a morning baker, but I made a batch of these snickerdoodles from Have Cake, Will Travel a few days ago, and my mom liked them so much that she requested I make a batch for her to bring to the big back-to-school bash she and all her teacher friends like to have at the end of August.

Nom nom nom!

That’s a photo of the first batch I made, but the second came out just as delectable-looking, despite a minor mishap wherein a quarter of my wet ingredients had a surprise meeting with the floor. These cookies are seriously delicious, soft and sweet and bite-sized. Needless to say, I doubled the recipe (which is halved on Have Cake, Will Travel, anyway) because 7 cookies just isn’t enough for this family. ;)


Mmm. I also whipped up a batch of the Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies from VWAV for a get-together with friends a few nights ago, and these little chocolate lovelies were devoured in no time. I always alter this recipe slightly, substituting vegetable oil for the peanut oil and extra vanilla extract for the almond extract, to make it nut allergy-friendly. I’ve never actually made them with the original nutty ingredients, but the nut-free versions are little morsels of chocolaty perfection, chewy and moist and adorable.

Thanks, Isa!

The cookies in that photo have apricot and cherry preserves in their centers, but for the batch I made for my friends I just used cherry, since I think anything with a cherry and chocolate combination is automatically delicious and sophisticated.

And that wraps up today’s helping of cookie p0rn! I highly recommend both these recipes; they’re fast, easy, and – most important of all – delicious.



5 thoughts on “Snickerdoodles, Studying, & Sunshine (with bonus chocolate!)

  1. Both those cookies look terrific! I love Celine’s recipes, too. And thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll–and glad it brought me here! Welcome to the blog world–I look forward to reading more! :)


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