Happy Herbivore’s Fit Soul, Fit Body Giveaway

I’m sure everyone knows this already, but Lindsay over at Happy Herbivore is giving away a copy of Brant Secunda’s and Mark Allen’s Fit Soul, Fit Body. Now, I obviously haven’t read the book myself, but the authors approach physical fitness via spiritual fitness. Here’s a snippet of what their website says about the book:

Let’s face it: fitness goes far beyond how long it takes to walk or run a mile. When you’re stressed out, emotionally drained, overworked, overweight, and underappreciative of your physical body, you can’t get much of anything accomplished—at work, at home, on the race track, wherever and in whichever capacity. Put simply, when you’re spiritually unfit, life is a greater challenge. That mythical “balance” you’ve always dreamed of achieving us just that—a myth. But not any more.

Makes sense to me. And since my blog is all about cultivating a healthy mind in a healthy body, adding a healthy soul creates the trifecta of ultimate healthiness. :) So head on over to Happy Herbivore’s contest post and enter to win! Or don’t, and give me a better chance of winning the book… hehe. I jest. Seriously, go check it out.


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