I Can Haz Food Processor!

When I put out the call last week for food processor recommendations, the responses were pretty decisive: “Get a Cuisinart,” you said. “They’re awesome!”

And… I did! This big ol’ box was waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday:

I haven't actually opened it yet... I know!

I was planning to do a little more research and price comparing before I actually laid down my hard-earned cash, but serendipity struck last Sunday when I discovered that it was the last day of a Macy’s sale. The Cuisinart 7-Cup Prep 7 processor was on sale for $69.99, a much lower price than I’d seen anywhere else. The kitchen gods were knocking, and I answered! Although shipping and taxes did raise the price a bit, it still ended up being nearly $20 cheaper than I could find it elsewhere.

So… I have a food processor! Happy early birthday to me! Now… what on earth should I make first?!?