Sunday Snackin’: Medjool Date Granola

S and I didn’t enter into cohabitation lightly. We discussed what moving in together meant and we discussed how we’d make it work. Being the big nerds we are, we read books on the topic and came up with some plans in advance. For example, because we both fall on the introvert side of the spectrum, we knew we’d need to plan some alone time (or pseudo alone time) into our life together to avoid one of us (probably me) getting a little twitchy and eventually snapping. We told each other in advance that, hey, if one of us needs time alone, it’s not personal – it’s just necessary to recharge our introverted batteries.

We also build in together-but-alone time by switching off on dinner duties. While one person cooks, the other is free to go read a book or play Half-Life 2 (spoiler: it’s not me) in the other room. And I get some alone time every Sunday when S records his podcast in the bedroom – he shuts the door and I have the rest of the apartment to myself. Yesterday, I filled that hour by reading A Clash of Kings and making granola.

Top-down view of a small Ball jar filled with granola. It's sitting on a pink cloth with a spoon, and granola is strewn on the cloth around the jar and the spoon.

Ready for munchin’.

This granola was meant for the week ahead, but it’s so easy to munch a clump while walking through the kitchen that I admittedly don’t have as much as I wanted left over. But that’s okay. On Friday we’re heading to Rhode Island to hang out with my family, so I’ve got a four-day work week and don’t need full granola supplies. I will surely enjoy what remains, though – this is solid, simple, and delicious granola, a good base for any additions you might want to add. The only added fat is coconut oil, which I will exclusively use in granola in the future – it adds just the right hint of flavor without being overwhelmingly coconutty. And I’m a sucker for anything with Medjool dates – I can’t get enough of their unique caramel-y taste. The recipe is here, although I left out the chocolate chips, upped the spices, and used some agave along with the brown rice syrup when I ran out of the latter (pantry decimation, woo!). Next time I’ll add other dried fruits and perhaps some dark chocolate chips.

With any luck, I’ll have some granola left to munch during our travels on Friday. I doubt it, though. I’ll just have to make another batch next time I need some alone time. ;)

What’s your favorite granola recipe? What’s your favorite thing to do when you’ve got some alone time?