A Two-Salad Supper | VeganMoFo 2019 Day Thirteen

It’s funny how sometimes I can stare into my cupboards and crisper and just have zero motivation or inspiration for dinner, whereas other days everything falls into place with barely any forethought.

I already knew I wanted to use that leftover creamy basil sauce as a salad dressing, so I whipped up a super simple green salad with mixed lettuces from the farmers market, a few sliced tomatoes, and a big scoop of chickpeas. And because I was craving potato salad after picking up a quart of new potatoes (also at the farmers market), I asked Steven if he wouldn’t mind mixing up a tater salad as well. I was craving a super simple mayo-based traditional potato salad, but Steven tried something else: Minimalist Baker’s cashew cream-based potato salad.

I was skeptical, but it’s pretty good! Steven added diced celery and bell peppers for crunch, so it’s a pretty veggie-packed dish. I do question the use of raw garlic in the dressing — raw garlic always has the potential to be overpowering! Steven used three small cloves, and it was juuust on the verge of being too much. Plus I bit the side of my mouth while eating, and then of course kept biting it, and the sharp garlic did not help.

This is compelling stuff, right? The goings-on of my injured inner cheek? This is what you get with raw, unvarnished, diary-style blogging… real A-plus content. :D You’re welcome.



2 thoughts on “A Two-Salad Supper | VeganMoFo 2019 Day Thirteen

  1. It is what we get and we’re happy to have it! I often have no inspiration, but because I set a goal for spending less on groceries/using stuff up more diligently, I’m often shopping in my pantry just as it looks like you were this time. The combinations can be so satisfying and surprising, can’t they?

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