Garlic Naan Pizza Calzones! | VeganMoFo 2019 Day Nine

I had half a bag of Violife mozzarella left over from last week’s pizza night, but I didn’t really want pizza again. What to do?

Channel Ben Wyatt and make calzones, of course. But not just any calzones: GARLIC NAAN PIZZA CALZONES.

I asked Steven to prepare the dough for Vegan Richa’s naan recipe while I was at work so it’d be risen and ready to go when I got home. We had a ripe avocado, so we opted for the mashed avocado variation. (It replaces vegan yogurt and seemed to work well, although the dough didn’t get very soft or pillowy.) I stuffed my naanzones (!) with mozz, basil, spicy banana peppers, and halved cherry tomatoes from the garden, then brushed them with garlic butter. After about 10 minutes in the oven on a pizza stone and a quick broil, they came out piping hot, melty, and delicious (if not terribly pretty). We dipped ’em in pizza sauce and had pan-friend okra on the side, just because they’d spent a little too long in the crisper and needed to be eaten. Yum. We got six naanzones out of the recipe and each ate two, so we’ve got leftovers. Steven will probably eat his cold in the morning and I will probably make a face and tell him how much I dislike cold pizza, which apparently makes me a monster.

Naanzones, pre-cooked. Look at the garlic bowl — my Mom made it for me!

Fair warning: I’m about to switch topics to something a bit heavy for a Friday night. Feel free to just enjoy (?) this photo of my naanzones, pre-baking, instead.
So. The catbird fledgling didn’t make it. :( I heard back from the rehab center after checking in again, and  here’s what they said:

“Sadly, the catbird had to be put down. Despite several days of care and treatment, the catbird continued to struggle with balance and coordination, and soon began to get worse. With no signs of improvement, we felt it was best not to prolong the inevitable, and so we had the catbird euthanized. We do not know if the catbird simply failed to fend for itself or if it was suffering from some sort of infection, but in the end this was the most humane option. We did everything we could. Thank you for your kindness and concern.”
Sigh. I had a feeling this would be the end result, but I held out hope that he’d rally eventually. I’m glad he had attention and food and care and a peaceful end, and that he didn’t suffer in the wild, where he would’ve been unable to fly and probably would’ve made a meal for someone higher on the food chain. But I still feel so sad for his mama, who doesn’t know what happened.

Well. That’s nature, I guess.

Aaand on that mildly depressing note, I’ll leave you. Happy weekend, all.


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