Haggis Goes Vegan

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Week Two: International Week

If this post is brief, please forgive me. I’m heartsick about the election results here in the USA. Yesterday’s post was pre-scheduled, but I’m writing this on Wednesday night and still feeling pretty raw.

On Tuesday night — election night, before the results came in — I made the final stop on my British Isles food tour. Of course it had to be from Scotland, the only country I hadn’t yet covered. And of course it had to be haggis.

Vegan Haggis // govegga.com // recipe from Maple Spice

I’ve never had “real” haggis, but during our trip to Scotland a few years ago, Steven and I loved the veggie haggis at the Baked Potato Shop in Edinburgh. I recreated that meal tonight by loading up a baked potato with Maple Spice’s fantastic vegan haggis recipe, which came together surprisingly quickly and with little fuss. Topped with an easy vegan gravy, it was toothsome, wonderfully spiced, and a great meal to fill me up before I became too nauseated to eat anything else for the rest of the night and much of today.

Some tweaks:

  • I used steel-cut oats instead of pinhead oats, but it looks like they might be the same thing.
  • I soaked my steel-cut oats a bit before adding them, but I would soak them for longer in the future. Their texture was a little too crunchy.
  • Lacking veg suet, I added some shortening. Not the same thing, but the fat helped all the ingredients come together.

What’s your take on vegan haggis? Ever tried it?


7 thoughts on “Haggis Goes Vegan

  1. Yum! In the UK you can buy a readymade haggis in some vegan shops, and it’s quite tasty. I also had some in Edinburgh before, at Henderson’s restaurant. It was really good! It’s the spices that make it so delicious, I think.
    Commiserations on the result. Trump is not very popular in Scotland, so at least it’s a good post to make today.


    • Ooh, I’d love to try the ready-made stuff! I’ve been to Henderson’s, though they didn’t have haggis on offer when I was there. Would’ve loved to try that too, because everything else was phenomenal!


  2. I’m still in shock..
    I’ve never tried haggis before either. Looks like this would be a comforting meal. Much needed by many at the moment.


  3. I love vegan haggis – I make it often and like to play with ways to serve it – my favourite is haggis nachos – a great way to see in the new year! We were in Scotland earlier this year and I managed to have a baked potato shop haggis potato – many years ago it was around the corner from where I worked and I am very fond of the place. Also had an excellent haggis pizza in Glasgow.


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