Team Burrito!

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Day 28: Tacos vs. Burritos. Where do you stand on this important issue?

This is too easy. I am wholeheartedly, always and forever, on #teamburrito. Sorry, tiny tacos.

My #1 reason for being pro-burrito is purely pragmatic: Burritos are easier and cleaner to eat! Consider the taco’s construction: It’s basically a tortilla folded in half, but left open on the top and sides. Whether you’re eating soft or hard tacos, so much of the taco filling is exposed that it inevitably comes out. Maybe you’re a weirdo who enjoys it, but I hate the feeling of drippy taco juices streaming out and onto my fingers. So much wasted flavor! So much mess! Plus, that open concept means that more of the filling’s surface is exposed to the outside air. More exposed surface area = more air passing over the filling = a filling that gets colder faster! You can keep your rapidly cooling, inevitably messy taco — I prefer the clean convenience and tightly wrapped warmth of a burrito. Its superior construction means you can add more filling, too, because you don’t have to worry about overstuffing it and having it start falling out the sides.

Not only does a burrito itself stay hotter longer than a taco, but the fact that you stuff all your ingredients in your burrito means that you don’t have to keep those disparate ingredients warm while you’re eating. With a taco, you usually make one at a time, so you’re on the hook to make sure all your ingredients are still warm and ready to go by the time you make the next one. Plus, think of all that wasted time making a new taco! You could be spending that time eating your single, delicious, hot burrito. And let’s get real — a single taco will never fill you up. You have to eat at least three, which means you have three chances for a catastrophic failure, and three times the amount of frustration. I don’t know about you, but frustration is not the feeling I want while I’m eating my dinner!

Now, it’s true that the secret to a compact, secure burrito is all in the wrapping, and it can take a few tries to get it right. But once you do, your burrito most likely won’t let you down! Practicing the art of burrito-wrapping is well-worth your time so you can avoid any unfortunate unraveling incidents.

Truth be told, I grew up eating tacos. But they were always more frustrating than they should have been — whether the hard shell broke in half at my first bite or the soft shell leaked, tacos always had some fatal flaw. I eventually found myself wrapping the bottoms of soft shells, creating a rudimentary proto-burrito in a desperate attempt to corral all the wayward fillings. These days, I forgo the frustration and skip straight to a trusty burrito.

I have zero burrito photos for you today, because we all know what a burrito looks like. I did eat a burrito bowl (a burrito’s inadequate cousin!) for lunch, but frankly it wasn’t very attractive. Refried beans are just not nice to look at.

So… are you #teamburrito or #teamtaco?!


2 thoughts on “Team Burrito!

  1. yes yes yes. All very salient pro-burrito points. As you know, I stand firmly in Team Burrito allegiance with you. I didn’t even think of the temperature or the messiness or the frustration factors, but you are so right about all those things. Peace comes through burritos


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