Lazy Sunday I: Iron-Rich Recipes You Should Totally Make

LVV MoFo 2014 main

In my exploration of iron-rich foods this week, I’ve come to two conclusions: 1.) Iron is freaking everywhere, and 2.) Blackstrap molasses is a rock star. I honestly could’ve spent the entire week sharing molasses-based recipes, and I had to exercise some restraint to prevent myself from doing so. Rest assured that it’ll show up again this week, because guess what? Not only is blackstrap molasses loaded with iron, but it’s also full of calcium. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Today, let’s check out a few recipes that will help you reach your daily iron needs.

Not a bad selection, eh? I just love the variety of foods that are iron-rich. You could basically have an entire day’s worth of meals just from this list!

Now I’m off to make some spinach-mushroom mini quiches, shower, and prepare for a wine-tasting fundraiser tonight. Ooh, so fancy. :P

What are your favorite iron-rich recipes?


One thought on “Lazy Sunday I: Iron-Rich Recipes You Should Totally Make

  1. This is awesome. I’ve been meaning to publish a post about covering iron needs on a vegan/ vegetarian diet for a while but didn’t get around to looking up recipe suggestions yet. Mostly because I couldn’t be bothered to calculate actual iron content for individual recipes yet, haha.
    Not related to your suggestions but I’d be curious to hear about others’ experiences: Have you ever been tested positive for iron deficiency? All doctors I talked to about in vegans so far said it was absolutely necessary to take pills at least to get iron levels up again at first because it wasn’t possible to get the amounts required to make up for the lack only by food.


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