Lazy Sunday I: Protein-Heavy Recipes You Should Totally Make

LVV MoFo 2014 main

Sunday, Sunday. Before we switch gears tomorrow and start talking about iron, let’s take a swing around the internet to find some protein-laden recipes to fill your tummies.

And that’s just the tip of the protein iceberg. Check out my food-related Pinterest boards for lots of other ideas, and remember: you can find protein in the most unlikely sources, not just tofu! Vegetables and legumes are treasure troves of protein. If you’ve learned anything from my week of protein-y recipes, let it be that little nugget of info.

What are your favorite protein-heavy recipes?


4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday I: Protein-Heavy Recipes You Should Totally Make

  1. Yay for vegan proteins! I love tempeh in just about anything–thanks so much for sharing my Tempeh Bourguignon! I saw Vegan Richa’s pizza when she first posted it and am still drooling. And I’m off to check out that smoothie–yum! :)


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