Seasonal Fruit-based Drinks!

Readers, I am SPENT. I finished my three-day orientation bonanza today, then caught up on work for 45 minutes, then headed out to join my coworkers for post-orientation happy hour at Dogfish Head Alehouse. I’m not the biggest fan of prolonged social interaction with people I don’t know all that well (see: introvert + shy + socially anxious), but it was a good time. And guess what? My drink of choice totally fit my theme:

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale logo

I am such an unashamed sucker for pumpkin beer! They’re often not nearly pumpkin-y enough, but I like this one a lot. 

S and I also have some of this in our fridge:

Label of The Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale.

This one’s from Flying Dog, and it’s a darker pumpkin ale than most I’ve tried. I dig it.

We’ve also got a few six-packs of this:

Six-pack of Woodchuck Fall cider.Go ahead, laugh all you want. This is the ultimate in seasonal cider! Skip Woodchuck’s pumpkin cider and go straight for this one if you’re in search of a light, sweet, spice-filled autumn beverage. Mmm. I’d grab one right now if I didn’t think it’d put me directly to sleep.

That’s all I’ve got for ya today. I need to rest up—we’re heading out bright and early(ish) tomorrow morning for DC VegFest! The first 1000 attendees receive a sweet bag o’ swag and I WANTS IT!

What’s your seasonal beverage of choice? 


2 thoughts on “Seasonal Fruit-based Drinks!

  1. Kind of I hate beer, but I did get super happy when I recognized the Ralph Steadman artwork for the Flying Dog pumpkin ale! And that hard cider looks pretty tasty, actually. I might have to try to find some… :)


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