VeganMoFo 2013: Seasonal Fruits!

Hey, there. I’m just popping in with a little warning. If you’ve grown accustomed to my infrequent and very sporadic posts, be prepared—things are about to get crazy. This year, VeganMoFo is happening in September, and I am ready to go with my ever-ambitious goal of daily posting. And by “ready to go,” I mean I have a theme, a ton of ideas, and a LOT of baking to do. But I haven’t failed my daily-posting goal yet, and I’m not about to do that on my fifth (!) year of MoFo!

This year, instead of having a hodgepodge of unrelated themes, I’m simplifying. I’m going to explore the world of cooking with… seasonal fruits! I’ll focus on fruits that are available in Maryland in September, and share a mix of my own original recipes, other bloggers’ recipes, and who knows… maybe a few recipe showdowns. ;) I anticipate focusing mostly on blueberries,* blackberries, raspberries, apples, and pumpkins, but who knows what else might make it into the mix! I’ll break from my theme on Sundays and pull from the list of official MoFo blogging prompts to talk about something different. (If you’ve got a prompt you want me to cover, let me know!)

I’m really excited for this theme, and I’m also very excited to discover whether I end the month utterly sick of these fruits. Heh heh.

See you tomorrow when this shindig gets started!

Are you participating in MoFo? What’s your theme? What should I make with these fruits?

*Re: blueberries–they’re definitely at the tail end of their season in September, but I have pounds and pounds of blueberries my mama picked up in Rhode Island, froze immediately, and sent home with me after my trip to RI earlier this month. So I’m fudging it a little and pretending they’re seasonal!


One thought on “VeganMoFo 2013: Seasonal Fruits!

  1. Exciting! This is my first year blogging and so my first year taking part in vegan MoFo! I’ve been a reader for a few years though. I’m shooting for every weekday. Very impressed you’re doing daily posts!


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